Collection Agency Harassment Service

If you and your family are being subjected to harassment by Collection Agencies in the form of constant phone calls, letters, or threats in an effort to collect a debt, we can help.

Crescent Credit Services is dedicated to stopping debt collection harassment and advocating for your rights

We specialize in protecting people from aggressive Debt Collection Agencies. We understand that debt collectors can be persistent, intimidating and abusive. However, we also want people to know that steps can be taken against debt collection harassment, with the ability to stop calls, letters, and possibly even the debt itself. Just because you owe a creditor money doesn’t mean you don’t have rights. Our experts will help you put an end to harassing creditor activity such as:

Demands to pay more than you owe
Adding additional fees and interest charges to your account
Repeated phone calls to your home at all hours
Contacting you at your job
Using profanity towards you
Threats of violence
Physical intimidation
Notice of a lawsuit
Contacting your family, friends, and employers about your debt collection accounts

Due to certain Federal laws such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, debt collector’s methods of communication and practices are limited, and there can be serious consequences if they break the law. However, many collectors will blatantly break the law because they think most people are not aware of their rights, and they take advantage of consumers by proceeding to harass them. The staff at Crescent Credit Services are well educated on these laws and we are here to protect and fight for the rights you are entitled to. We have the knowledge, skills, and 20 years of successful experience you need to stop collection companies from continuing to disrupt your life and provide you with peace of mind. All for just a One Time, Affordable, Low, Flat Rate Price of only 69.00 for Unlimited Collection Agency Accounts. That’s UNLIMITED COLLECTION AGENCY ACCOUNTS! (* see below for restrictions) FOR ONLY 69.00

As debt collection harassment management experts, we can evaluate any debt collector’s actions to determine whether they are legal and to fight for your rights. We will work hard to stop collector harassment, take legal measures, and possibly stop the collections process against you altogether through an aggressive cease and desist campaign and other Fair Debt Collections Practices Act methods and procedures. Whether you have overdue credit accounts, have been falsely identified, are victim to harassing phone calls and letters, or are behind in your fixed monthly payments or onetime expense, Crescent Credit Services can help. Based in Florida, we can help clients in every State with our expert and professional service. Contact us now, so that the friendly and helpful staff at Crescent Credit Services can put a stop to the debt collectors that are harassing you and your family today.

* UNLIMITED COLLECTION AGENCY ACCOUNTS FOR ONLY 69.00 refers to all collection agency notices/complaints provided to us at time of service transaction. Subsequent collection accounts may be subject to new or additional fees.

See our Terms and Conditions for more information

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